Resurrected from de facto dissolution! What did the K-POP idol who was pointed out that the new group name was 'uncool' responded to?

May 04, 2023


Yuna, a member of the newly launched girl group "BB GIRLS", draws attention with her own answer to the criticism that the group name is lame.

On May 3, YoonA conducted a Q&A through her Instagram story.

Among them was a question about the group name. A certain user asked a provocative question, "Did you name BB GIRLS yourself? It's so lame."

It may be an unpleasant word for some listeners.

(Photo = Yuna Instagram)
(Photo = Yuna Instagram)

However, Yoona responded, "Why? It's just so cute," creating a pleasant atmosphere. She also posted a photo of her puppy together at the same time.

A miraculous revival from the dissolution theory

Brave Girls, who signed a contract with a new agency, changed the group name to 'BB GIRLS'.

On May 3, the new management office Warner Music Korea announced to OSEN, "Brave Girls will change the group name to BB GIRLS."

(Photo courtesy of OSEN) BB GIRLS
(Photo courtesy of OSEN) BB GIRLS

Brave Girls, who debuted in 2011, have been active in various albums, and the song "Rollin'" released in 2017 is known for causing a boom in 2021, four years after its release. With the same song, they swept the top of various music charts and emerged as a new "summer queen".

In February of this year, when the exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment was announced, there were rumors of disbandment, but the members insisted that it was not a dissolution. Two months later, in April, they signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea as a complete group with all the members.

At that time, the affiliated office said that they were "discussing from various angles" about the group name. The group name was officially decided as BB GIRLS, and new activities were announced.

(Article provided by OSEN)