‘165cm 47kg’ Han So-hee, to fans who envy her skinny body, “You can’t be skinny like me”

August 7, 2023


Actress Han So-hee. Source | Han Sohee Channel

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Jeong Ha-eun] Actress Han So-hee left advice while worrying about the health of fans who envy her skinny body.

On the 4th, Han So-hee conducted a live broadcast and continued communication with fans. On this day, he announced that he was in the midst of filming the Netflix original series 'Kyungsung Creature' with actor Park Seo-joon.

He also shared the recent situation in which he is obsessed with dieting. He said, “I have a photo shoot next week, and I want to eat snacks and go crazy. If I put up with that, I can lose weight in a healthy way, but I keep craving sweets.”

When a netizen envyed Han So-hee's skinny body and asked her secret, Han So-hee replied, "You can't be as thin as me. please take care of your health What I do is not only the inside, but also the outside, so I lose weight, otherwise I would have maintained a normal weight. It should not be because the perspective of absolute beauty is skinny and fat.”

“Of course, I want the clothes I want to wear to fit perfectly. I just hope it doesn't hurt my health. I also go on a diet because the screen looks richer than it actually is, but not everything that is skinny is pretty. You have to be healthy to look pretty.”

Han So-hee is known to maintain a height of 165 cm and a weight of 47 kg.