Na-rae Park, "The most shocking in my 39 years of life"... Why? (걸환장)

August 7, 2023


Trailer for KBS2 'Walking Into the Fantastic'. photo | broadcast screen capture

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Dayeon Yoo] “The most shocking scene in my 39 years of life”

On the 26th episode of KBS2's 'Walking into the Hall', which will be broadcast on the 6th, the second day of the filial piety tour in Rome prepared by MC Na-rae Park for her mother Myeong-sook Koh and her mother's friends Seon-ja Lee and Jeong-hee Koo (aka 'Mokpo Mamise') will be revealed.

On this day, Park Na-rae visits Mokpo Mamizu and 'Pincho Hill' where you can see the sunset and night view at once. They listen to the busking that started from one side of the square for a while while falling into the sunset of Rome.

In the meantime, Narae Park's mother starts dancing as if excited by the song. In the meantime, he says “I suddenly got excited” and dances a couple dance with a busking dancer. Na-rae Park is taken aback by her mother's sudden dance. Surprised, he says, “It is the most shocking scene in my 39 years of life.”

Soon, Park Na-rae shows the standard of 'mother's wife' and participates in the dance party. Park Na-rae, who even performed a solo stage, drew curiosity by saying that her mother, Ko Myeong-sook, expressed satisfaction by saying, “I have completely relieved stress.”