Soyou is ‘surprised’ by a bikini smaller than the palm of her hand..“Protect my unnie” (‘Soyugi’)

August 7, 2023


Source| ‘SOYOUGI’

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Nam Seo-young] Soyou revealed her comeback daily life.

On the 3rd, ‘️Summer Queen is Back! A video titled 'Summer Diet, Hip Exercise, MV Filming, Choreography Practice' was posted.

In the video, Soyou shared her daily life ahead of her second mini-album 'Summer Recipe' promotion.

In the video from last February, Soyou measured her hip size to compare before and after exercising. The result is 95 cm. Soyou said, "I'll show you how many cm and how big you get after you start working out your hips. My leg is almost healed,” he explained.

On another day, we also did a concept photo shoot. While receiving styling, Soyou said, "I was surprised to see this at first," and smiled at the bikini smaller than the palm of her hand. The staff said, “I get scolded by those fans. Protect my older sister,” and after editing, she showed off a generously sized outfit.