Lim Young-woong, 'Grains of Sand' is on the rise to 159th on the US Billboard chart... Idol Chart Rating Ranking Highest Votes

July 31, 2023


Singer Lim Young-woong. Photo|Fish Music
Singer Lim Young-woong. Photo|Fish Music

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Kim Hyun-deok] Singer Lim Young-woong climbed the Billboard chart with his self-composed song 'Grains of Sand'.

On the global (excluding the US) chart announced by the US Billboard on the 27th (as of July 25, 2023), Lim Young-woong's'Grains of Sand' ranked 159th.

Lim Young-woong's 'Grains of Sand' fell two notches from last week's (July 18th) 157th, but it set a chart-in record for six consecutive weeks.

'Sand Grains', released on June 5, is Lim Young-woong's second self-composed song, and it is a song that stands out with lyrical lyrics and Lim Young-woong's own whistle. The number of views of the music video, which was released at the same time as the release, has now surpassed 10 million, making it the most popular.

Lim Young-woong appeared on MBC's 'Show! 1 on 'Show! Music Core' and on July 15th. As well as MBC M 'Show! Champion' also won first place and won three gold medals on music shows.

In addition, Lim Young-woong rose to the top of the Idol Chart Rating Ranking. According to the Idol Chart, in the rating rankings compiled from July 21st to July 27th, Lim Young-woong recorded the most votes with 451,680 votes.

Second place was taken by Lee Chan-won (204,466 votes). Next, Kim Ho-jung (178,940 votes), Young-tak (81,912 votes), Jimin (BTS, 28,624 votes), V (BTS, 18,859 votes), Song Ga-in (18,369 votes), Jin ( BTS, 15,152 votes), Lee Byung-chan (14,745 votes), and Lee Solomon (11,144 votes) were counted in the order.