Lee Jun-ho ♥ Lim Yoon-a caught kissing by 'paparazzi'... It's a mountain beyond the mountain ('King the Land')

July 31, 2023


Drama 'King the Land'. photo | JTBC
Drama 'King the Land'. photo | JTBC

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Yoo Da-yeon intern] Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-a, who crossed the mountain of an arranged marriage, were caught by the paparazzi.

On the 13th episode of JTBC's 'King the Land', which aired on the 29th, the scene where Gu-gu (Lee Jun-ho) and Cheon-rang (Im Yoon-a) kissed and were filmed by the paparazzi after passing through the arranged marriage crisis was aired.

On the first day of joining the Dream Team, Cheon-Rang hears the news of salvation's arranged marriage and makes the mistake of breaking a plate. Seeing this, Ku-won expresses his intention to refuse marriage to Gu Il-hoon (played by Son Byung-ho), saying, “There is someone I love.” Then, Gu-won visits Cheon Sa-rang and tries to clear her misunderstanding, but Cheon Sa-rang hides his true feelings and repeats the same thing she said.

Afterwards, they became awkward and reunited at a teppanyaki restaurant full of memories. Gu-won was worried that Cheon-rang might have decided to break up due to rumors of marriage with Han Yu-ri (played by Lee Soo-bin). However, Cheon Sarang showed her unchanging faith in her salvation, and she washed away the anxiety of salvation.

With Cheon-rang's support, Gu-won does his best in the King Hotel management war against Goo Hwa-ran (played by Kim Seon-yeong). Gu Hwa-ran insisted on reducing manpower and reducing employee welfare. However, based on the image built up through the last 100th anniversary celebration event, King Hotel promoted the overseas expansion project. Gu Il-hoon handed over the position of president of King Hotel to Gu-gu, who had completed his long-standing dream of "King Hotel overseas expansion," and Gu-gu took the upper hand in the inheritance war.

In addition, salvation faced the trauma of the past. She met Hanmi-so's old colleague who sent her mother Hanmi-so's greeting card, and heard the reason for her mother's sudden departure. Nevertheless, Gu-won still showed a bitter reaction as if he did not understand Hanmi-so, arousing curiosity about the past.

Unlike Gu-won, who faces the past, Cheon-rang worked on the Dream Team and felt a sense of alienation in his work. It was because the hotel work he had dreamed of and the work he had to do were so different. She relies on the words of salvation that she will change the hotel, but there is an unresolved worry in Cheon's heart.

The two people who are experiencing conflicts about the past and reality like this spent time alone, leaving everything behind. However, an unidentified shadow appeared, and they hugged and even kissed on camera. Indeed, it aroused curiosity about the identity of the shadow watching them and how it would affect the relationship between salvation and angels.

Meanwhile, JTBC's 'King the Land', which aired on the 29th, recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 9.4% (based on Nielsen Korea).