Jeon Ji-yoon of 4Minute “I have to pay back the money I spent as an idol trainee even if I can’t debut” (Recent Olympics)

June 28, 2023


[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Jeong Ha-eun] The representative of the entertainment agency to which group god Danny Ahn and comedian Lee Byung-jin belong, was sued for overdue payment of wages.

On the 26th, attorney Yang Yang-jeong of the law firm Gwangya filed a complaint with the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul on behalf of three celebrities against Mr. Kim (48), a former film director and entertainment representative, on charges of fraud and breach of trust.

Mr. Kim is accused of not properly settling their broadcast and advertisement appearance fees. He is also suspected of not paying the wages of the company's executives and employees.

Comedian Lee Byung-jin and singer and actor Danny Ahn, a member of the group god, participated in the complaint. The estimated damages of these celebrities were reported to be 400 million won.

Attorney Yang said, "Besides the artists' victims, the number of victims is expected to increase as there are also issues with employees not paying their wages and clients who haven't received the money."

On the other hand, Mr. Kim is known to be in a position to go through bankruptcy procedures, explaining to the effect that the company's circumstances have deteriorated due to the influence of the corona pandemic, and the settlement has not been made.