Jeon Ji-yoon of 4Minute “I have to pay back the money I spent as an idol trainee even if I can’t debut” (Recent Olympics)

June 28, 2023


[Sports Seoul | Reporter Nam Seo-young] 4Minute Jeon Ji-yoon's current situation has been reported.

On the 27th, a video titled 'Recent Olympics', '[Meet Jeon Ji-yoon] Hallyu top idol who rides the subway.. 4Minute member who bought a house in Seoul with all-in investment technology' was posted.

Jeon Ji-yoon said, "I am active in a band called Present, write articles, and do various personal activities."

Jeon Ji-yoon, who gained popularity with the group '4Minute', said, "It was good. When you suddenly earn a lot of money, you say, 'Ah~ I made a lot of money' and buy this and that, but what I can really tell you is that I just buy something. I don't wear it, and I don't remember. It's all like that in the beginning. Buy luxury goods and that's it. But there is no meaning,” he said, “I started studying. If you invest the money you earn elsewhere, you can earn other money, but I turned my eyes to investment technology.”

Jeon Ji-yoon, who has been active as a girl group for a long time and even started a private company, said, “(The money spent on group production) is a lot. He should know how much the production costs and how much investment he has. It's good that he knows what the actual amount is. He should not live blindly,” he advised.

He said, “(The money spent during the trainee period) I have to pay it back when I debut. If I can't debut, I either pay it off or leave. Therefore, the reason why the settlement is delayed is that the profit and loss must pass before the settlement is possible. Because in the end you have to pay it back. So, you have to save it so that you won’t be surprised when you see the settlement number later.”