Highlight's first married man Son Dong-woon "No premarital pregnancy" [Comprehensive]

June 28, 2023


[Sports Seoul | Reporter Yoo Da-yeon intern] Jo Hyun-young, a broadcaster from the group 'Rainbow', shared her daily life in Jeju Island.

On the 27th, Cho Hyun-young posted a photo on her personal channel saying, "I really liked Jeju Island after a long time...".

In the published photos, Cho Hyun-young drew attention with her appearance in an infinity pool and on top of a stone wall.

My colleague Noeul, who saw this, said, “I am also from Jeju Island. Sister, are you really envious?”

Meanwhile, Cho Hyun-young appeared on JTBC's 'Singer Gain 2' and is currently running a YouTube channel 'Just Cho Hyun-young'. It was also recently claimed that she dated rapper DinDin, a friend of hers since elementary school, for two weeks during middle school.