T-ara Hyomin, figure like Venus in the outdoor pool.. Solid abs + slim legs

May 11, 2023

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Taehyung Kim] Group T-ara's Hyomin showed off her body in a swimsuit.

On the 10th, Hyomin posted several photos with emoticons on her channel.

Hyomin took pictures from different angles at the rooftop outdoor pool. He is posing in a black bra top swimsuit. Strong abs, slim waist, and slender legs stand out.

In another photo, the back is exposed, and the cute charm of looking through the window while wearing a gown is also seen.

Fans showed reactions such as "Sister is awesome", "The curves of her body are really perfect" and "The picture is great".

Meanwhile, Hyomin worked as a group in 2021 with 'Tiki-Taka'. As an influencer, such as showcasing unconventional pictorial, he is constantly communicating with fans through social media.