Phenomenal! IVE dominates Korea's major music charts for a month... A group that stands out from the rest in the 4th generation

May 04, 2023


Six-member girl group IVE dominated the K-POP world in April.

IVE dominated the monthly, weekly, and 24-hour charts of major Korean music sites Melon, Genie, Bugs, NAVER VIBE, and FLO, making April the month of IVE.

First of all, "Kitsch" ranked first in the monthly chart of Melon, Korea's largest music site. "Kitsch", which was pre-released on March 27, topped the weekly charts (from the 4th week of March to the 2nd week of April). Achieved.

(Photo courtesy of OSEN) IVE
(Photo courtesy of OSEN) IVE

The double title song "I AM" released on April 10th, following "Kitsch", also recorded No. 1 on the weekly chart for two consecutive weeks (from the 3rd week of April to the 4th week of April), and has been on the monthly chart. 3rd place.

Dominating the top of major charts!

In Genie's monthly chart, "Kitsch" is No. 1 and "I AM" is No. 2. In addition, "Kitsch" held the number one spot on the weekly charts for three weeks (from the 4th week of March to the 2nd week of April). After that, "I AM" reached No. 1 on the weekly chart for two weeks (3rd week of April to 4th week of April) as if to give up the throne.

In the case of Bugs, "Kitsch" topped the weekly charts for two consecutive weeks (4th week of March to 1st week of April), and "I AM" topped the weekly charts for three consecutive weeks (2nd week of April). 4th week of April) and dominated the charts for a month.

(Photo courtesy of STARSHIP Entertainment) IVE
(Photo courtesy of STARSHIP Entertainment) IVE

In NAVER VIBE's "Today's Top 100", "Kitsch" was No. 1 for 19 consecutive days (March 31 to April 18), and "I AM" was No. 1 for 12 consecutive days (April 19 to April 30). ), and IVE dominated the charts for the month of April. "Kitsch" was also selected as "Song of the Month" in NAVER VIBE.

On the FLO chart, where the chart ranking is updated every hour in a 24-hour tally, "Kitsch" was number one for a total of 360 hours from 23:00 on March 28th to 23:00 on April 12th. 'I AM' immediately topped the charts for a total of 516 hours from 23:00 on April 12 to the present (as of 10:00 on May 4), and IVE has been on the chart for 1 month, 24 hours, and now. has become the main character of

IVE successfully completed its first full-length album ``I've Ive'' activities with SBS ``Inkigayo'' on April 30. Since May 1, he has been meeting with fans through the official YouTube channel at 23:00 every Monday through the independent reality '1,2,3 IVE' Season 3.

◇ What is IVE?

A girl group consisting of six members: Yujin (leader) and Wonyoung from the legendary girl group IZ*ONE, Gaul, Liz, Iso, and Japanese member Lay. Even before their official debut, they were described as ``all center class'' with excellent visuals. When the debut single “ELEVEN” was released in December 2021, it became the fastest music program in the history of Korean music on the 7th. The 2nd single "LOVE DIVE" announced in April 2022 was also a big hit, sweeping various charts and music programs, and became a girl group representing the 4th generation of K-POP in half a year after its debut.