From the popular group NCT to the first solo debut... Taeyeon is preparing a solo album "Interest and expectation"

May 04, 2023


It has been revealed that Taeyeon, a member of the popular group NCT, is about to make her first solo debut in the group.

On May 4, SM Entertainment, the management office, told multiple Korean media, "Taeyeon is preparing for her first solo album with the goal of releasing it in June. We ask for a lot of interest and expectations."

Although Taeyeon, Mark, Ten, and Jaehyun have released solo tracks in the past, Taeyang will be the first member to release an official solo album.

(Photo provided by OSEN) NCT Taeyeon
(Photo provided by OSEN) NCT Taeyeon

Recently, NCT's first unit DOJAEJUNG (Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo) debuted, and their first mini-album "Perfume" set a new record for K-pop units.

This is the first time that a member's solo debut has been decided from NCT.

During this time, Taeyeon has proven her musical talent by writing lyrics and composing songs for many of NCT 127's hit songs. As he is the first member of the group to make his solo debut, attention is focused on his future activities.

 Taeyeon profile

Born July 1, 1995. His real name is Lee Tae Young. She debuted as a member of NCT's derived group NCT U in April 2016. She is currently a member of NCT 127 and SuperM. She was scouted on the street by an SM Entertainment official and participated in the audition. Ever since she was a trainee, she has been praised by senior celebrities for her "looks like she jumped out of a shoujo manga".