Korea's top actor (36), who is slow to progress, is suspected of "more than 4 types of drugs"...Four collaborators also filed a case, the National Police Agency chief "It's complicated."

May 04, 2023


Actor Yoo Ah In (36), who is suspected of "four kinds of drugs," is suspected of being prescribed another drug, "Zolpidem."

Four of his acquaintances were also charged with helping him administer drugs.

South Korea's SBS '8 News' reported on May 3, "Yoo Ah In, who was arrested on suspicion of drug administration, is suspected of prescribing Zolpidem by proxy."

(Photo courtesy of OSEN) Yoo Ah In
(Photo courtesy of OSEN) Yoo Ah In

Zolpidem, which is said to have been prescribed by Yoo Ah In, is a type of sleeping pill and is used as an insomnia treatment. However, it is classified as a narcotic because it has various side effects such as hallucinations, and the recommended dosage for adults is 10mg per day, and up to 28 tablets per month are allowed.

However, the police believe that Yoo Ah In received multiple prescriptions through multiple acquaintances when it became difficult to get duplicate prescriptions.

Recently, four people, including an artist who graduated from an art school and a male YouTuber with American nationality who entered the country with Yoo Ah-in in February this year, have been charged. They were witnesses at the beginning of the investigation, but during the investigation process, they were confirmed to have helped Yoo Ah In take drugs or administered them directly, and their identities were changed to suspects.

At the end of April, during the police seizure and search of their residential area, there was also a person who tested positive for marijuana like Yoo Ah In.

Last year, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the administrative agency that manages propofol, asked the Seoul National Police Agency to investigate 51 people who were prescribed more than the average amount of propofol. In the process, Yoo Ah In was arrested.

Initially, Yoo Ah In was under investigation on suspicion of habitual use of propofol, but through a detailed examination by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, he was suspected of using drugs such as cannabis, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

Yoo Ah In was interrogated by the police for 12 hours on March 27. However, there have been no major developments since then, and it has been pointed out that the investigation is slow compared to other drug cases.

Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun explained, “Unlike other cases, this case is complicated because we received investigative information from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and it also involves drugs.”

◇ Yoo Ah In profile

Born October 6, 1986. Born in Daegu, South Korea. She rose to fame when she played the role of Ara's lover in the 2003 drama Rounding Out. A year after her debut, a fan meeting was held, and her popularity increased with her unusual speed, but her entertainment activities were temporarily suspended. She resumed her activities from 2006 and she has played supporting roles in various dramas and movies. He made a strong presence in the 2010 drama "Tokimeki ☆ Sungkyunkwan Scandal", dramas "Fashion King", "Jang Ok Jung", "Secret Meeting", movies "Wangdoogi", "Veteran", "King's Fate - Changed History". He has appeared in topical works such as Eight Days-, Burning Theatrical Version, and #Ilive.