Spending 1.5 million yen in savings in one year and exceeding the credit card limit... What is the choice of Korean mothers who can not support their parents' home?

April 13, 2023


On April 12th, the Korean variety show "High School Student Mama Papa 3" (original title, MBN), which adults don't know, tells the story of Park Hee Jin, a mother who is raising two children without knowing the financial situation of the house at all. The story has been published.

Park Hee-jin dreamed of becoming a flight attendant and passed the aviation course, but she fell out of love, gave up college and gave birth to two children. Park Hee-jin, who is raising two children by herself, said that her husband is currently serving in the military and she is a stay-at-home mom.

After ordering tteokbokki with a friend who came to visit her, she surprised everyone when her credit card exceeded the limit.

However, Park Hee-jin, who responded calmly by saying, "This has happened before," said that he was in a state of not being able to grasp the financial situation of his family at all.

(Image source = MBN) Park Hee Jin
(Image source = MBN) Park Hee Jin

Her monthly income was 700,000 won (approximately 70,000 yen) for her husband and 200,000 won (approximately 20,000 yen) for child allowance, but her expenses were 1.88 million won (approximately 190,000 yen), a clear deficit. MC Haha said, "It's amazing to spend 1,880,000 won while raising two children." rice field.

Aside from such worries, Park Hee-jin said, "I think I can live with the money I saved," and saved 18 million won (about 1.8 million yen) before her husband went to the army. said. Therefore, her current life is a situation where it is cut off from there.

On the same day, Park Hee-jin checked the balance of the passbook while talking with her husband, but there was only 300,000 won (about 30,000 yen) left from 18 million won.

Park Hee-jin said, "It's not a small amount of money, so I thought it would be okay if I saved it and used it, but I couldn't believe that I had used it up in a year. My mind went blank." shocked people.

Park Hee-jin, who decided that she had to work, prepared to become a nursery teacher, but due to financial problems, she could not even attend lectures. He asked his mother at home for support, but her mother was also not well, so in the end he decided to work part-time, raise children, and study at the same time.