What is the difference between the K-POP world where “IVE vs IVE” broke out and the hit artists so far?

April 13, 2023


Girl group IVE started taking control of music charts at the same time as their comeback.

Not only the pre-released songs, but also the lead song of the 1st full album took the top spot, creating a “IVE vs IVE” composition.

IVE's first full-length album 'I've Ive', released on April 10, is currently occupying the charts of major music sites in Korea. The lead song "I AM" not only took first place as soon as it was released, but it is also beginning to conquer the music world with such popularity that all the songs on the album entered the charts.

In particular, "I AM" won the 1st place in the chart, and it is attracting attention as it is competing with "Kitsch", which was released in advance on March 27th.

On Melon, Korea's largest music site, 'Kitsch' remains firmly in first place, and 'I AM' is in second place. In Bucks and Genie Music, "I AM" ranked 1st and "Kitsch" ranked 2nd, resulting in a one-two finish.

In this way, IVE's rival has become IVE on the charts as well. Prior to IVE, NewJeans and IU had hit all the songs in the album and fought against themselves, but in the case of IVE this time, it is said that the pre-released song and the lead song will gain popularity at the same time. , forming an unprecedented and interesting confrontation composition.

It is notable that all of IVE's songs released since their debut have reached number one on the charts, as well as leading them to become long-running hits.

Starting with their debut song "ELEVEN" announced in December 2021, IVE hit home runs in quick succession with "LOVE DIVE" and "After LIKE". As a result of surpassing 100 million streams for all three songs, as well as maintaining the top position on the music charts, they swept the rookie award and the grand prize last year.

With the double hits of 'Kitsch' and 'I AM', the group is expected to solidify its position as the 'fourth-generation music queen'.

IVE's momentum is not limited to Korea, but it is also performing well in the global music market, such as No. 1 on the 'Worldwide iTunes Album Chart' and No. 11 on the U.S. Billboard's 'World Digital Song Sales'. It will be interesting to see how far "I've Ive" will grow in the future.