Seo In-young, who completed the ‘marriage registration’ before marriage, is rumored to be divorced after 7 months… I also terminated my contract with my agency.

September 20, 2023  l  TOPIC

Singer Seo In-young. photos | Seo In-young Channel

[Sports Seoul | [Intern Reporter Yoo Da-yeon] Rumors of divorce were raised about Seo In-young, a former jewelry singer who got married last February.

On the 19th, reported that Seo In-young was on the verge of divorce.

Previously, Seo In-young revealed that she had already registered her marriage with her husband before getting married. Earlier this month, she appeared on an entertainment program and boasted about her happy newlywed life with her husband.

Seo In-young's former agency, Kaesang Entertainment, said, "Seo In-young recently terminated her contract and is no longer a singer under our agency. We do not know about her private life, including divorce."