“If anything, Jeon Do-yeon avoids it”… Lee Jung-jae and Jeon Do-yeon ‘keep their distance’ from Kim Nam-gil’s charm (‘You Quiz’)

September 20, 2023  l  TV

Source| ‘You Quiz on the Tube’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Nam Seo-young] Kim Nam-gil showed off his lovely charm.

On the 20th, a video titled ‘Kim Nam-gil, the most talkative actor in the universe who likes people’ was posted on ‘You Quiz on the Tube’.

Kim Nam-gil is known as a cute junior. Yoo Jae-seok said, “I think this kind of cuteness is a bit ingrained in me,” and added, “Jung Woo-sung said, ‘I love Woo Sung-jung,’ and ‘I agree with everything Woo Sung-jung does,’” imitating Kim Nam-gil’s charming way of speaking.

Kim Nam-gil laughed, saying, “If you ask me ‘Where did you go today?’ or ‘I went to a film festival?’ or ‘What did you do?’ they say, ‘Well done, my man’ or ‘That’s cool, my man.’”

In particular, Yoo Jae-seok laughed and said, “Jeon Do-yeon was avoiding Kim Nam-gil on set because his cuteness was too much.”

Kim Nam-gil said, “Because I like working together. ‘Sister, hello. Loyalty! How are you feeling today? “When I say, ‘Have you eaten, sister?’, it’s always like, ‘Have you eaten, Namgil?’” he said, making everyone laugh by directly imitating Jeon Do-yeon’s reaction.