Park Hwi-sun's current status, enjoying summer with his beautiful wife who is 17 years younger than him... Confession, "I don't have any work these days" (Jjandangpo)

September 20, 2023  l  TV

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] Comedian Park Hwi-soon's current status has been revealed.

On JTBC's 'Jandangpo' broadcast on the 19th, home shopping 'icons of sold out' Yeom Kyung-hwan, Ahn Sun-young, and Park Hwi-soon appeared and showed off their wit.

Jin-kyung Hong said, “Ahn Seon-young and Yeom Kyung-hwan are people who are on the road to success, but in the case of Park Hwi-soon, he came out with the ambition to run a second road to success through ‘Jjandangpo.’”

Park Hwi-soon began, saying, “First of all, I...” Yoon Jong-shin advised, “Don’t lower your tone.”

Park Hwi-soon raised his tone and reported his current situation. He said, “Today is the first schedule this month.” The MCs said that it was the end of August as of the recording date and asked, “So you didn’t do anything in August?”

Park Hwi-soon replied, “I enjoyed summer in August.” He then aroused admiration by revealing a photo taken at a water park with his beautiful wife.

JTBC ‘Jjandangpo’. Source | JTBC

At the opening that day, Ahn Seon-young asked Tak Jae-hoon, “Oppa, don’t you remember meeting me at a hotel in Gangwon-do?” Everyone was surprised by Ahn Seon-young’s sudden remark and asked, “Why?”

Ahn Seon-young said, “Jae-hoon was with a beautiful woman. “I went into the room,” he said, adding that the time was “this summer.”

Amid curiosity, Ahn Seon-young said, “The location was Yangyang, Gangwon-do. “It was a luxury resort hotel opening event,” he said. “I was invited, so I went, and a man was staring intently at me. Someone saw it and it was Jaehoon's oppa. It was so nice to see you. “It turned out that I was waiting with Hwang Shin-hye,” he explained.

Sunyoung Ahn said, “Jaehoon oppa said, ‘Seonyoung, you smell.’ 'Me? “I said, ‘I took a shower today,’ and he said it smelled like a rich man.”

Tak Jae-hoon said, “As soon as I came in, I could smell money. He said, “What kind of perfume is that?” and made people laugh.