Dentist Lee Soo-jin, “I met a high school student and even tried a leg of lamb… Korean men are wrong.”

September 20, 2023  l  SOCIETY

Source | YouTube ‘Lee Soo-jin’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] Dentist and YouTuber Lee Soo-jin confessed an unexpected truth.

On the 18th, a video titled ‘I even met a younger man in high school’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Lee Soo-jin’.

Sujin Lee held a Q&A session with subscribers. One subscriber asked, “Please tell me a few stories about younger men.”

Lee Soo-jin said, “I didn’t do it to meet a younger person,” and added, “The younger person who was really fun was when I was young, and I was 25 at the time. But I lied and said I was 21. The man said he also lied about his age. “He was a high school student.”

Regarding meeting a high school student, Sujin Lee said, “I heard that he was graduating, so I thought it was a university graduation, but it turned out to be a high school graduation. “I stayed in high school for a long time because I went to school in Gangnam and then went to study abroad,” he said, adding, “I felt a little dizzy at that time.”

Regarding the reason for breaking up, “The door to my heart was closed. For whatever reason, it’s like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ “Even if I love you, I force myself to lock every door, whether it be my body or my heart,” he said.

On this day, Su-jin Lee confessed, “I tried it on both legs.” “We have to choose one quickly,” he said. If you do it wrong, you can miss out on both. It is an iron rule that you should not do long leggings. “If you don’t control traffic, accidents will happen,” he added.

Sujin Lee said, “If I find a guy, I don’t think I’ll have to talk about it. “I’m having a secret relationship out of consideration for the other person,” he said. “I will work hard to provide dating counseling.”

She also said, “I’m not saying we met overseas, but I’m planning to go out there,” and added, “I think Korean men are a bit wrong. I like women in their 20s without thinking about their age. “In our country, men just ignore women if they are over 40.”