Lee Guk-joo, who lost 14 kg, successfully lost an additional 2.4 kg in 3 days.. “It won’t harm your mental health” (‘Lee Guk-ju’)

September 13, 2023  l  ENTERTAINMENT

Source| ‘Lee Guk-ju’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Nam Seo-young] Lee Guk-joo succeeded in dieting.

On the 12th, on ‘Lee Guk-ju’, ‘Lose 14kg in one year and succeeded in losing 3kg more?? A video titled ‘Recommended low-calorie items!!/Diet is also delicious’ was posted.

Lee Guk-ju, who recently shared the news of losing 14kg, attempted to lose an additional 3kg.

Lee Guk-ju, who ate tteokbokki for breakfast on the day he started the diet, maintained his fast until the next day and continued home training.

Lee Guk-ju, who lost 1 kg in one day, recommended brown rice and glutinous barley konjac rice and low-calorie sauce for the next day's diet meal.

On the third day, Lee Guk-ju fell while playing tennis and fractured his right arm. I succeeded in losing an additional 1 kg, for a total of 2.4 kg.

Lee Guk-ju, who was taking care of himself with dogani soup, said, “I was injured, but fortunately my mental health was not harmed. It’s like saying, ‘There’s nothing we can do about it.’ “It’s no use blaming myself,” she consoled herself..