‘Strong Heart’ Kang Ho-dong New MCs Jeon Hyun-moo, Moon Se-yoon, Uhm Ji-yoon, and Jo Hyun-ah [Official]

September 13, 2023  l  TV

Jeon Hyun-moo, Moon Se-yoon, Uhm Ji-yoon, Jo Hyun-ah. Photo|Each agency

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Kim Hyeon-deok] SBS entertainment program ‘Strong Heart’ is reorganized into a 4MC system.

On the 13th, an SBS official announced to Sports Seoul, “Jeon Hyun-moo, Moon Se-yoon, Uhm Ji-yoon, and Jo Hyun-ah have been selected as MCs for the new season of ‘Strong Heart League.’”

‘Strong Heart VS’ is a talk show where the cast is divided into pros and cons and debates on a topic. It is a different format from ‘Strong Heart League’, where cast members competed in talk competitions with their own hot stories.

‘Strong Heart League’, which attracted attention after returning after 12 years, featured 73 guests and introduced 70 stories, soaring to the season’s highest viewer rating of 4.7% (Nielsen Korea, based on households in the metropolitan area).

In particular, the story of announcer Heo Woo-ryeong, a visually impaired anchor who appeared in episode 4, touched many people. Announcer Heo Woo-ryeong, who lost his eyesight due to optic neuritis, also shared about his daily life commuting to and from KBS in Yeouido with his guide dog Hayanyi.

Announcer Heo Woo-ryeong said, “People ask me how I overcame my disability to become an anchor. I didn't overcome my disability. “I want you to know that people with disabilities exist together,” he said, receiving applause from the panelists.

Meanwhile, ‘Strong Heart’, which has been reorganized into a 4MC system, will return in October.