Nam Bo-ra becomes a ‘zombie’ during an extreme 3-day all-night shoot… “Pajamas are t-shirts for various events at church” (‘Theater of Life’)

September 13, 2023  l  ENTERTAINMENT

Source | YouTube channel ‘Nambora’s Life Theater’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim So-in] Actress Nam Bo-ra transformed into actress mode and revealed her appearance before filming.

On the 10th, on Nam Bo-ra’s YouTube channel ‘Nam Bo-ra’s Life Theater’, ‘Full-scale day job mode! A video called ‘Look, let’s work’ was uploaded.

Nam Bo-ra revealed her skin care routine ahead of filming the drama poster the next day. What is the secret to shiny skin that you can't believe is bare?

Her choice was a mud pack, and she said, “My skin condition isn’t that bad, but it would be nice to take a little more care and leave it moisturized tomorrow.”

Nam Bo-ra said, “A lot of the videos I filmed when I was at home were actually shot in my daily life. Maybe that's why the outfit is my real home wear. “My friend saw me and told me not to wear T-shirts with stretched necks,” he said, opening up about homewear.

She continued, “But when can I wear a t-shirt with a stretched neck at home? Doesn’t everyone wear clothes like this? My home wear is t-shirts for various church events. In other words, church t-shirts are pajamas. “(Even if your neck is stretched), if you’re wearing a pretty bear, you’re making it up,” he said honestly.

At the same time, Nam Bo-ra said, “She seems to have a sensitive and easy-going personality. “I’m the type of person who is sensitive to things I think are important and doesn’t care about anything else.”

Source | YouTube channel ‘Nambora’s Life Theater’

The next day, Nam Bo-ra talked to the staff in the car on the way to the makeup shop. She said, “I can’t sleep these days, so I go to bed at 3 am. “I usually go to bed around 11 o’clock, but since I can’t sleep much, my head is starting to hurt little by little,” he said, confiding his concerns.

She said, “I don’t know how I stayed up all night filming in the past. Actresses also eat chestnuts when they go on set. “Physical strength is really important,” he said.

Next, Nam Bo-ra said, “I have stayed up all night for up to three days. There was a lot to take, so I didn't withdraw and continued filming. Everyone took pictures while holding on with their mental strength. “After the third day, I was almost like a zombie and didn’t know whether the food was going into my mouth or my eyes,” he said, describing the extreme filming experience.