‘Extraordinary exposure’ Lee Hyori, wearing only a bikini, releases Hwasa’s new song challenge video.. Friendship still intact

September 13, 2023  l  ENTERTAINMENT

Singer Lee Hyo-ri. Source | Hyori Lee Channel

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Taehyung Kim] Singer Lee Hyori released Hwasa's new song challenge video.

On the 7th, Lee Hyori posted Hwasa’s ‘I Love My Body’ challenge video on her channel story.

Hyori Lee is dancing in front of the camera wearing a brown bikini with bronzed skin. Smiling with a simple face without makeup creates a free and pure feeling.

‘I Love My Body’ is a song released by Hwasa on the 6th, and contains the message of breaking away from the world’s standards and loving myself.

Particular attention is being paid to this song as it is the first song Hwasa released after transferring to P-Nation.

Hyori Lee worked with Hwasa as part of the project group Refund Expedition on MBC’s ‘What Do You Do When You Hang Out?’

Afterwards, they worked together in entertainment programs such as tvN’s ‘Dance Singer Wandering Troupe’. He showed off his continued friendship by challenging his close junior's song.

Hwasa, who recently appeared on MBC's 'Radio Star', said about Lee Hyori, "I get along well with senior Lee Hyori. “Senior Lee Hyo-ri is usually easy-going and I am also easy-going, so I think we are a good fit,” he said. “When performing ‘Dance Singer Wandering Troupe,’ he introduced me and expressed me as a junior he really cherished. “So I cried,” he said.

Singer Lee Hyo-ri. Source | Hyori Lee Channel