Kim Hye-soo did Kim Hye-soo... She exudes unrivaled charm no matter what she wears.

September 13, 2023  l  ENTERTAINMENT

Actress Kim Hee-ra. Source | Heera Kim Channel

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim So-in] Actress Kim Hye-soo perfectly pulls off various styling styles.

On the 12th, Kim Hye-soo captured the attention of netizens by posting several photos on her channel.

In the photo, she showed off her solid upper body by accenting her tube top with a necklace, while creating a chic atmosphere with a dressy blouse with long sleeves.

Kim Hye-soo perfectly pulled off the difficult styling of purple floral wild pants and a flashy T-shirt.

Netizens who saw this said, “Hye-soo! He praised her, saying, “Girl crush, it suits you well,” and “The emotional line that spreads to your’re really the best.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-soo met the audience by appearing as Jo Chun-ja in the movie ‘Smuggling’, which was released in July. It is known that PD Yoo Seon-dong, who recently directed the ‘Wonderful Rumors’ series, has received an offer to appear in his next film ‘Trigger’ and is considering it.