U.S. Delta Air Lines' ‘disaster-level’ passenger diarrhea causes destruction on board, diverts only 2 hours after takeoff

September 6, 2023  l  TOPIC

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[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Park Hyo-sil] A passenger on a plane who suffered from serious intestinal problems developed diarrhea, causing the plane to have to return over the Atlantic Ocean.

The British BBC reported on the 5th (local time), “A passenger had diarrhea on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta, USA, to Barcelona, Spain, and the pilot reported it as a ‘biological hazard’ and was forced to return.”

The absurd incident occurred about two hours after the plane took off on the evening of the 1st. TMZ News reported, “While the jet was flying over Virginia, a passenger’s intestinal problems became public, causing everyone on board to smell a disgusting odor.”

Passengers at the time testified about the terrible situation through personal channels, saying, “The excrement flowed down the aisle of the plane, and the smell was terrible.” “I used vanilla-scented disinfectant, but it only smelled like vanilla X.”

In a radio call to air traffic control, the captain said, “This is just a biohazard issue. “There was a passenger who continued to have diarrhea during the flight, so we want to return to Atlanta,” he said.

Delta later released a statement saying, “Our team worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the plane and get our customers to their final destination. “We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.”

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