Heera Kim admits to ‘Iljin’ activities during her middle school days… Controversy over allegations of school violence

September 6, 2023  l  TOPIC

Actress Kim Hee-ra. Source | Heera Kim Channel

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] It has been reported that actress Kim Hee-ra was active in group activities during her school days.

On the 6th, Dispatch reported that Kim Heera was a member of ‘Big Sangji’, an Iljin group, when she was a student at Sangji Girls’ Middle School. In addition, one informant said that he ran an errand for Kim Heera's cigarettes, and another informant said that money was also taken away from her.

Kim Heera also acknowledged the activities of ‘Big Sanji’, but denied participating in the assault. It is true that the group engaged in extortion, assault, and verbal abuse, and “lived as a bystander.” He reportedly explained, “I don’t want to protect myself.”

According to the report, ‘Little Brother He recklessly picked up valuable items and soon the crime was discovered. When he was called to the teacher's office, Mr. A admitted to the theft, mentioned 'Sister Y' (3rd grader) Kim Heera, and confessed, 'I did it because I wanted to help pay for my sister's mother's hospital expenses.' Heera Kim, who was called to the teacher's office, denied giving instructions for theft and said, "It had nothing to do with me," but no one believed her.

‘Big Sanji’ was a group formed by a group of people from Sangji Girls’ Middle School, and it was known that they used extortion to raise money for entertainment and used verbal abuse and assault in the process.

The informant revealed that ‘Big Sanji’, which Heera Kim belongs to, extorted money and purchased cigarettes and alcohol. He explained that students who did not pay money were harassing students.

Heera Kim acknowledged her ‘Big Sanji’ activities and said, “I did not live as a model student. It's true that I had fun. However, (Big Sanji) is not an Iljin gathering. At the time, it was popular to create online cafes with close friends. ‘Big Sanji’ is the name of the cafe. “It’s not a secret cafe that only Iljin joins,” he said.

Heera Kim actively denied participation in the assault. It is true that I hung out with ‘Big Sanji’, but there were many times when I was beaten by my seniors for no reason. However, he said that I did not hit my friend or junior.

At the same time, he lived as a bystander and said, “Maybe (because of what happened to me) I didn’t think it was a big deal that my juniors suffered. Now that I think about it, it was a big mistake to ignore it. His skin was white, his eyes were brown, and his name was unique. It was either the spotlight or being ostracized. I thought I had to become stronger to avoid teasing. “That’s how I rationalized it,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Kim Heera played the role of Lee Sa-ra, the perpetrator, in the Netflix drama ‘The Glory’. Regarding this, “I’m sorry. I was busy rationalizing myself. I tried my best to look away, saying, ‘I’m not the one who caused the harm.’ Those thoughts themselves were the problem. “I want to apologize,” he said.

Heera Kim's agency has not yet released a statement regarding the allegations of school violence.