Lee Seung-gi, fan service controversy at U.S. concert… “No ignoring Korean residents, because of physical condition”

September 6, 2023  l  TOPIC

Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi. Provided | Hook Entertainment

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Jeong Ha-eun] Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi sparked controversy over insincere fan service during his first U.S. tour.

Lee Seung-gi held a performance in Atlanta at the Cop Energy Performance Arts Center on August 30th, but there was a lot of noise as he did not carry out the scheduled schedule. Subsequently, the New York and New Jersey performances, known as the final stops of the US tour, were cancelled.

According to the Atlanta Hankook Ilbo on the 3rd, Lee Seung-gi held a performance at the Cop Energy Performance Arts Center in Atlanta on August 30th. About 1,000 spectators attended the 2,700-seat 3rd floor performance hall.

The media reported on the 1st that Lee Seung-gi's performance had ended, but complaints about fan service were filed along with the news. At the same time, the report said, “After arriving in Atlanta on the 28th of last month, Lee Seung-gi and his staff suddenly canceled their schedule to visit a restaurant run by Koreans who sponsored the performance, saying they were ‘not in good condition.’”

One sponsor restaurant owner expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “Lee Seung-gi canceled his scheduled visit, so the fans who were already there were greatly disappointed.” He also added, “I wonder if Lee Seung-gi was making light of Koreans and using the excuse of controlling his condition.”

Accordingly, on the 3rd, Lee Seung-gi's agency Human Made denied the controversy that he ignored the Korean residents, saying, "It is true that the schedule for visiting the restaurant operated by Korean residents related to sponsorship was agreed upon verbally, but we only said that we would cooperate."

Also, regarding Lee Seung-gi's poor condition, he said, "When I was flying to Atlanta after the LA performance, I happened to encounter a hurricane. Our arrival time at the airport was also delayed, so we arrived at 10pm. When I went over to the hotel, it was after 10:30 p.m. “The agency considered the artist’s condition important,” he explained.

In addition, regarding the suspicion that the reason for the cancellation of the New York performance of the US tour scheduled for the 2nd was due to poor ticket sales, he denied it, saying, “It was due to the circumstances of the local concert hall.”