Ahn So-hee travels to Vietnam with only 5 swimsuits... “Wear bright colors or flashy patterns at resorts”

September 6, 2023  l  TV

Source | YouTube channel ‘Ahn Sohee’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim So-in] Actress Ahn So-hee, a former member of the group ‘Wonder Girls,’ shared her summer vacation with fans.

On the 3rd, Sohee Ahn uploaded the video ‘Nha Trang, Vietnam Part 1’ on her YouTube channel ‘Sohee Ahn’.

Sohee Ahn, who went on a summer vacation to Nha Trang, Vietnam, began her first trip by receiving the resort's pick-up service. Han So-hee, who arrived alone because the flight time did not match her friend's, was very satisfied, saying she was alone in the pickup vehicle.

She still had time to check in, so he enjoyed a leisurely meal in the lounge and requested a drama. He recommended the drama ‘Park Ha-kyung’s Travels.’

When she saw a luxurious accommodation with a private swimming pool and a view of the sea, he continued to admire it and say that it was great. He personally showed us how to set up welcome fruits and champagne.

I had a great time getting a massage and eating local food like any other traveler. They showed that they were sincere about their food to the extent that two people ordered four menu items.

The next day, she made the cute mistake of not being able to include sound in the camera footage. After seeing our first floating breakfast, we looked satisfied, took as many photos as we wanted, and came to the shaded table to finish the meal.

During the trip, she showed off almost no makeup, showing off her youthful appearance to the point that it made you think it was from her Wonder Girls days.

Ahn So-hee appears to have read the fans' thoughts by revealing her travel bag. The luggage in the large suitcase was placed in pouches in sections, and the luggage continued to come out.

Source | YouTube channel ‘Ahn Sohee’

Although he brought a lot of makeup products, he revealed that he was bare-faced, saying, “I haven’t put on makeup even once since I came here.”

The thing that stood out the most among Ahn So-hee's luggage were five sets of swimsuits. The swimsuits that caught the eye by preparing 5 swimsuits for a week trip were ‘green & pink bikini, pink & burgundy bikini, blue & striped bikini, polka dot one-piece, and orange colored one-piece.’

As a fashionista, what are his resort fashion tips? He gave a great tip, saying, “When I travel, I wear clothes with bright colors or flashy patterns that I don’t usually wear.”

He prepared unconventional outfits such as fluorescent neon dresses, colorful patterned T-shirts, and bright yellow T-shirts, while also showing thoroughness by preparing casual clothes such as white T-shirts, hot pants, and shirts.

Ahn So-hee, who even brought sportswear, surprised people by showing thorough self-management, saying, “It’s good to take a yoga class or something like that when traveling.”

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