‘Newlywed’ Jang Na-ra, couple-look husband and date proof photo… Cuteness that cannot be hidden by a frowning expression

September 6, 2023


Singer and actress Jang Nara. photos | Jang Nara Channel

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Park Hyo-sil] Singer and actress Jang Na-ra revealed a photo taken by her husband. 

On the 4th, Jang Na-ra posted a date photo with her husband on her channel with the caption, “Me taken by my partner.” The photo shows Jang Na-ra's cute expression wearing a black hoodie and a black hat backwards. 

Unlike the frowning expression, the fingers appear to be ‘pieced’. 

The person who took the picture of Jang Na-ra's cute appearance was her husband in the mirror. The husband, wearing a similar look with a black shirt and black hat, appears to be focused on Jang Na-ra while pointing his cell phone at her. 

On this day, Jang Na-ra made people laugh by showing that she is a novice at Instagram by uploading multiple photos at once. 

Fans responded, “They’re so cute” and “Wow, it’s no different from Newnon.” The wife of her older brother, Jang Seong-won, said, “No. I told you to post one by one often. 

Don’t eat a lot at once. When someone commented, “If you’re not going to use that pretty picture on your phone, please leave it to me,” he responded, “I’m being abusive!!! “My new sister is mistreating me,” he wrote, causing laughter.

Actress Kim Mi-kyung, who quickly rose to prominence due to Jang Na-ra's brutal actions, made people laugh by admonishing them, saying, "Don't rebel against your step-sister." The two appeared as mother and daughter in KBS2's 'Confession Couple', which aired in 2017, and continue to have a good relationship to this day.

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra married her husband, a broadcaster who is six years younger than her, in June last year after two years of dating.

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