Song Ji-hyo reveals her thoughts on the controversy over leaving ‘Running Man’ for the first time “It became a new stimulus… I am grateful to Yoo Jae-seok and Ji Suk-jin”

September 4, 2023  l  TV

Source | YouTube ‘DdeunDdeun’

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] Song Ji-hyo revealed that the controversy over her departure from ‘Running Man’ has become a new stimulus.

On the 2nd, a video called ‘[ENG] Welcoming fall is an excuse’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Uprising DdeunDdeun’. Song Ji-hyo, Ji Seok-jin, and Haha appeared as guests.

Song Ji-hyo received the title ‘Idol + Child’ from Yoo Jae-seok for her unpredictable comments and four-dimensional charm. Yoo Jae-seok said, “Kids like Lee Mi-joo and Jeon So-min are somewhat predictable. But Jihyo really doesn’t know what to do,” he said, praising Song Jihyo’s sense of entertainment.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok asked Song Ji-hyo to appear in ‘Excuse Go’ and asked, “What is ‘Excuse Go’? “I asked what kind of high school it was,” he said, making everyone laugh.

However, Song Ji-hyo recently experienced a difficult situation due to the controversy over her untimely departure from SBS' 'Running Man'. Song Ji-hyo went through a difficult time after the incident in which she did not receive payment from her former agency became an issue, and she often appeared speechless on broadcast. Some viewers criticized this appearance.

Yoo Jae-seok said, “Jihyo is really putting in more effort than anything else these days.” He added, “There was an episode where I was watching the broadcast and thought, ‘Jihyo doesn’t talk too much today.’ “Jihyo was so upset because of that that she said, ‘I should have worked harder,’” he said.

Song Ji-hyo said, “When there was controversy about my leaving the show, I was really thankful to Jae-seok and Seok-jin. Jaeseok oppa called me and said, ‘Jihyo, have you seen the article?’ Actually, I didn’t read the article at that time. He said, “I guess I missed it, so I said, ‘You haven’t seen the article yet.’”

Yoo Jae-seok said, “I called Jihyo in case she would have a hard time after seeing the article,” and added, “There is no need to be buried here. This is an issue that we can work hard on starting next week rather than talking about this and that. “I really told them not to worry about it.”

Song Ji-hyo confessed, “I searched for myself that week more than I searched in a year.” Haha said, “If I look at it positively, I think you became more motivated because of that.”

Song Ji-hyo said, “So I said, ‘Oppa, I’ll try really hard,’ and I also called Seok-jin and asked him to motivate me more,” adding that she tried to change after reading the article.