Kim Ji-min’s mother Kim Jun-ho’s bone-chilling admonition “If you don’t have stocks and coins… I don’t like business people either” Case of meeting in crisis

April 29, 2023


SBS 'My Little Old Boy' screen capture

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Park Hyo-sil] The picture of a certified couple Kim Jun-ho meeting his girlfriend Kim Ji-min's mother was drawn. 

At the end of the SBS 'My Little Old Boy' broadcast on the 27th, Kim Jun-ho visiting Kim Ji-min's home in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do was revealed and attracted attention. 

Kim Jun-ho looked nervous, saying, “This is the first official greeting.” In the video, Kim Jun-ho, who visited his wife's house with a bouquet of flowers, was sitting with an uncomfortable expression on an open casserole prepared by her future mother-in-law, listening to her mother-in-law's story. The important thing is the mother-in-law's bone-slapping words. 

The future mother-in-law said, "It seems that all parents of their own daughters are losing money." He continued, “Since I think of you as a family member, can I not do stocks and coins? I don't like people who do business, and I don't like people who lie." Kim Jun-ho, who has done various businesses in the past and is also investing in stocks and coins, has a confused look on his future mother-in-law's words. 

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-min recently appeared on JTBC's 'Chandangpo' and revealed that he often quarrels with Kim Jun-ho over financial issues. He said, “I don’t do stocks or coins. But when (Kim Jun-ho) gets married, I will give all the money I earned to you. Instead, he asked me to invest 1/10 in stocks. I hate looking at my cell phone while stocking up.”
He also said that Kim Jun-ho quit smoking as a prerequisite for marriage, saying, "If I postpone marriage, you can think that he is smoking."