Britney Spears, 'divorced three times', unconventional nude exposure... Is promiscuous life the reason for breaking up with someone 12 years younger?[Hollywood Talk]

April 29, 2023


Singer Britney Spears. photo | spears private channel

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Yoo Da-yeon intern] Singer Britney Spears is showing an unprecedented move after her third divorce.

On the 21st (local time), Spears posted several videos on her personal channel.

In the released video, Spears, who exposed her nakedness in an unconventional way, is staring at the camera. In another video, Spears, wearing a see-through dress, asked a man to lick his boots, and shocked the public by showing him being held up by four men.

Singer Britney Spears. photo | spears private channel

Spears recently divorced Sam Asgari, 12 years younger than her, after 14 months of marriage after her father Jamie's lawsuit for deprivation of custody. The reason for his divorce was never made clear, but rumors of Spears' infidelity, domestic violence, or Asgari's demands for property were circulating.

An American entertainment media outlet reported that "Asgari couldn't handle Spears, who was freed after Spears' probation ended."

The aide said Spears was overindulging in freedom and trying not to let anyone oppress him.