Hani, ♥ Why was Yang Jae-woong and public dating caught? “Because I’m so hot.. I just go without covering up”

August 22, 2023


Source | youtube ‘노빠꾸탁재훈’

Group EXID's Hani (Ahn Hee-yeon) revealed her thoughts on an open relationship with Yang Jae-woong.

On the 21st, on the YouTube channel ‘Nopakku Tak Jaehun’, ‘Ahn Hee-yeon, New Jin’s Hani, not EXID Hani | Tak Jae-hun's pressure interview EP.07' was posted.

Hani said of her name, "I don't care what you call it." In response to Tak Jae-hoon's joke, "Hey, can I do it?", he replied with a smile, "That's good too."

On this day, Hani drew attention by saying that only her mother and her boyfriend knew about being in the 'pressure interview'. When Tak Jae-hun asked, "The person you met in the past?" Hani said, "It's not that person at that time."

Tak Jae-hoon said, “Why do you keep making it public? When asked, “Why did you get caught?”, Hani savvyly replied, “I must have been a bit hot,” drawing laughter.

Yewon asked, "Then, is it the style that you usually don't cover up?" Hani revealed, "I don't cover it well in normal times."

Hani, who often cries, said, “When I am moved, tears come out like that. I cried while eating bread”, embarrassing everyone. “It tastes so touching,” he explained.

Tak Jae-hun laughed when he said, “Are you receiving psychiatric treatment from your boyfriend?” Hani laughed out loud, saying, “No.”

What Hani values when meeting the opposite sex is “I like a slightly sexy style. By my standards, he is a man with a beard, tanned skin and a lucky bracelet.”

Meanwhile, Hani is openly dating Yang Jae-woong, a psychiatrist.