[Exclusive] CEO Jeon Hongjoon Expresses Concerns About Negative Precedents in the K-Pop Industry: Urges Prompt Police Investigation and Considers Additional Lawsuit for 'Deo-Gibus' Incident

August 22, 2023


Group FIFYT FIFTY members Sio, Saena, Aran, and Kina. Reporter Park Jinup upandup@sportsseoul.com

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Joe Eunbyeol] It has been confirmed that Jeon Hongjoon, the CEO of the agency Attract, representing the girl group FIFYT FIFTY, has filed a lawsuit against the external company 'Deo-Gibus.' On the 21st, he underwent his first questioning as the plaintiff. On the same day, it was reported that he urged a swift investigation during his attendance at the police station.

On the 22nd, CEO Jeon Hongjoon stated in a phone interview with 'Sports Seoul,' "I attended the Gangnam Police Station with my lawyer on the 21st for questioning as the plaintiff. I'm concerned that the FIFYT FIFTY incident could leave a negative precedent in the K-Pop industry, and the police investigation is being delayed. Especially for the junior producers at small and medium-sized agencies who are nurturing future K-Pop stars, I urged for a prompt investigation."

Previously, Attract had filed a lawsuit against the director of 'Deo-Gibus' for charges of obstruction of business and damage to electronic records. The director was known to have been responsible for the practical operations of 'Deo-Gibus.'

Attract's side claims, 'We continuously requested Mr. Baek to transfer ownership since May 10th, but it wasn't until June 16th, after a considerable amount of time had passed, that they handed over the master administrator account, having deleted six email accounts of Deo-Gibus employees.'

In relation to this, Attract's side is said to have identified additional charges related to obstruction of business by Deo-Gibus. CEO Jeon Hongjoon added, 'Further lawsuits are planned.'

Currently, the members of FIFYT FIFTY submitted a request for a preliminary injunction against their agency Attract to the court on June 19th, and they are in the midst of a legal dispute. On the 16th, the court-mediated agreement fell through, and both parties are now waiting for the preliminary injunction request.

Amidst this situation, on the 19th, the SBS program 'I Want to Know That' covered this case in an episode titled 'Billboard and Girl Groups - Who Broke Their Wings,' which has sparked controversy for being biased. Numerous complaints related to the program have flooded the Korea Communications Standards Commission. As of the 21st, the commission has received 175 viewer complaints about the broadcast.

More than 3,000 protest posts have been made on the program's online bulletin board. In response, the production team made the teaser video for the upcoming FIFYT FIFTY broadcast, which they had posted on their YouTube channel, private on this day.