“I really did everything” Hong Soo-ah, face plastic surgery confession→How different has it been? (돌싱포맨)

August 14, 2023


SBS ‘신발벗고 돌싱포맨’. Source | SBS

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] Actress Hong Soo-ah honestly admitted to plastic surgery.

On the 14th, SBS 'Shoes Off, Doll Sing For Man' posted a preview video titled '"A pretty girl next to a pretty girl" Hong Soo-ah x Park Jeong-soo x Sandara Park, the three musketeers of beauty!'

In the trailer, when Tak Jae-hoon asked, “Is this the Mr. Hong Soo-ah we knew in the past?” Hong Soo-ah replied, “I really did everything,” drawing attention.

Lee Sang-min said to Tak Jae-hun, “The older brother did it too. proudly,” he said. Tak Jae-hoon was taken aback, saying, "I did a snoring?", and Tak Jae-hoon's graduation photo was released on the data screen, bringing laughter.

Seeing Tak Jae-hoon, who is very different from now, Hong Soo-ah counterattacked, saying, "I don't think it's time to talk about plastic surgery," creating a sea of laughter.

Sandara Park then mumbles something in a foreign language. When asked, “What does that mean?”, Sandara Park laughed, saying, “I feel sorry for her, so ask for a lot of attention.”

Meanwhile, SBS 'Shoes Off, Doll Sing For Man' airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM.