The original Jesse and Hyuna challenge their stronghold! Eunbi Kwon and Arin 'Water Bomb' goddess generation change [SS Star]

August 7, 2023


Rapper Jesse. Source | presenting channel

[Sports Seoul | [Reporter Yoo Da-yeon, intern] “This year, I didn’t get a call from the ‘Water Bomb Festival’. We will be preparing to sweep next summer, so please contact us.” (Soyou)

As the Korea Meteorological Administration announced the full-scale end of the rainy season and heat waves, celebrities also started preparing for a sortie for the city water festival represented by ‘Water Night’.

The water festival is a music festival where you can enjoy being hit by cool water bombs from large equipment. In addition to performing in the middle of the summer, only adults over the age of 18 can participate, so the artists participating in the performance often draw the audience's attention with relatively light costumes.

The stars of ‘The Original Water Bomb’ can definitely be rapper Jessi and Hyuna from 4Minute. In 2018, Jessie showed off her voluptuous breasts and hip line by wearing a net dress with holes in a black bikini. The following year, she matched an orange bikini top with 7-piece caco pants.

Singer Hyuna. photo | YouTube Lato Channel

HyunA's outfit also drew attention every time. On the stage in 2017, he wore a white sleeveless tee that clung to his body and short jeans, displaying the spirit of a 'ruler' who adorned himself. It's hard to tell the difference between the two of them with their costumes. As a result, both of them are invited to various water festivals, including Water Night, every year.

Singer Sunmi. photo | stern channel

Singer Sunmi garnered a lot of attention on this stage wearing a monokini from the luxury G company brand as a top. After that, Hwasa of Mamamoo and Sana of Twice wore the same monokini. This fairly expensive product was later found to be a non-waterproof swimsuit, causing controversy.

Arin from the group Oh My Girl. photo | Youtube spinel cam capture

Idol groups that boasted innocence also challenged the ‘original’ Waterbomb stars. From the 23rd to the 25th of last month, '2023 Water Night Seoul' was held at the auxiliary stadium in Jamsil Main Stadium, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

In particular, Oh My Girl drew attention by giving a sense of unity with a white top, denim cargo pants, and a denim cargo mini skirt. Youngest Arin's fashion, which showed a blue top and bottom, gained great popularity in various online communities.

Eunbi Kwon from the group IZ*ONE. Source | Eunbi Kwon Channel

Solo singer Kwon Eunbi, a former member of the group IZ*ONE, is the new goddess born at this year's festival. On the 23rd of last month, when she participated in the event, she wore an ivory tone see-through cardigan over a checkered bikini and a white tone miniskirt on her personal channel.

With a small body of 159 cm and an innocent and graceful appearance reminiscent of an announcer, she showed off her voluptuous body that she had hidden at the ‘Waterbomb Festival’ and instantly emerged as a ‘waterbomb goddess’.

On various portal sites, after his name, “water bomb goddess” and “Kwon Eun-bi’s water bomb costume” emerged as related search terms. After this event in Seoul, Eunbi Kwon showed off her unique charm in a sexy red bikini at the festival of the same name held in Nagoya, Japan.

Thanks to the popularity of ‘Waterbomb’, similar water festivals are popping up like mushrooms after rain. Singers also tend to regard standing on the water festival stage as a measure of their popularity.

A music official said, “Water festivals held outdoors have different audience sizes and responses. Audiences who felt thirsty for not being able to stand on the concert stage due to Corona 19 for the past two and a half years feel like they are being quenched by this kind of response,” he said. We are raising it,” he hinted.